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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In Good and Bad...

Machine Pieced, Free Motion Quilting.  65"X 65"    Quilts by Marisela original design.

It took me a long time (almost two years, wow!) to finish this quilt.  It is for my dear friend Larissa who was here visiting in 2011.  She selected the fabrics and gave some ideas about the design. At the beginning it was going to be a set of placemats but when, just for fun, I put the pieces together on the floor, I saw how great they were for a lap quilt.  I love the fabric from the big busy border and to go according with it I made heavy fancy free motion in the red and brown inner borders -click on the detail picture.            So, this quilt is for a friend who is more like a sister, who has always been...
there for me in the good moments and most important, in the bad moments, giving me a hand up when I tripped.
Wish we live closer amiga, but it's good that our friendship doesn't know about the distance. Hope you like your quilt.  By the way, I want you to know that I'm not going to bring it with me to Mexico in July.  I want you to come over here again so you can  pick it up in person... haha!


PS.  In case you were wondering, "how did you hang the quilt over the deck and take such a good picture?" here is my secret:  Maria, Gloria and Clara were squatting down while holding it from behind so I could shoot it!  Thank you to my smiley helpers!

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