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Thursday, January 15, 2015

T-Shirt Quilt for Kelly.

Kelly found me online and trusted me to make this keepsake out of her college memories. I never met her before but as soon as we saw each other we made a nice connection. I'm glad I have a new friend now and that she liked her quilt as much as I did.

Notice how I placed the 4 little squares in the quilt. Those were in the sleeve of the t-shirts. After I finished the top I machine applique those. They give a nice and original look to the design, don't you think?. You can use the same technique with batches or any other small motif. 

Handmade with love by Marisela. Walking Foot and Free Motion Quilting. Low loft batting, Cotton T-Shirts and batiks. 



Here it is! My sample for the T-Shirt Quilt class that I’ll be teaching this fall at The Quilters Studio in Fairfax. You all know that I don’t like to make quilts when there are not feelings or a meaning involved in it, so when Kathye Gillette asked me for a sample it was a bit of a challenge. I knew I wanted a girl’s quilt but I have only boys at home so, “What to do?”

First, I asked some close friends with little girls to give me a piece of their clothes. Then, I used some of my clothes (the lobster in the bottom left) and finally I found some others at yard sales (inspiration is everywhere!) It wasn't the way I usually get shirts for a t-shirt quilt but collecting them this way was fun.

The picture I took of the quilt is 

not the best but it lets you see all the free motion I did, including my name in the bottom right side of the quilt. Look closely at the collie dog t-shirt - I did a lot of thread painting on it. I also personalized the shirts by adding some glitter, buttons, or frames. So even though it’s only a sample for a class this is now a quilt I love where each t-shirt has a story I can tell.

In this class I’ll teach you how to design and personalize your quilt so it won’t be just t-shirts in a grid (which I think sometimes is kind of boring). Look for all the details about my classes in The Quilters Studio class schedule coming out soon. And please feel free to contact me if you have questions.

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